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Technology Businesses

Helping businesses, whether they are just starting out or are more established, to create winning product strategies. ​Creating an effective product strategy involves many aspects beyond the simple idea itself, including understanding and testing the real customer need as well as the competitive landscape. Having a plan, keeping it simple, and being able to rapidly pivot to a constantly changing market are essential. Above all, many people focus extensively on the product technology but underestimate the go-to-market effort that is needed to drive commercial growth. It can be easy to get potential customers to look at a product or commit to a trial, but what really counts is a willingness to pay and an understanding of how to drive real user adoption in an increasingly consumer driven market.

Helping businesses at different stages of the product development cycle; whether at the startup stage where board level directional guidance is needed on a retained basis, or, with more established businesses, providing more complex strategic planning. Providing a full range of experience: from complete blue sky thinking/vision design, through detailed business cases and roadmap planning, to delivering detailed go-to-market plans, including the creation of the tools to enable others to bring your vision to reality.

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