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Helping organisations to create winning product strategies that drive commercial growth in the rapidly evolving professional services sector. Professional Services firms are under increasing pressure from clients to provide more for less, and the billable hour is under real pressure as a model. Clients are increasingly savvy and expect more from their advisors, while firms are increasingly looking to deliver productised offerings to clients and then focus more on the truly bespoke elements that add the real value. However, while many firms are experts in their fields like law and tax they are inexperienced in how to deliver products. Earlsferry Advisory can help firms to establish their product strategies and ensure that they are complimentary to the services they offer, driving increased overall client value rather than seeking to turn firms into product businesses.

With a depth of background in both law and tax organisations, and relevant knowledge of how transactional work is changing with technology, Earlsferry Advisory can help firms identify and deliver on product opportunities and build their internal capability to drive ongoing competitive positioning.


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